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How to Apply

To apply you will need to submit an application by email, mail, or hand delivery to our office.  Download program application.

An official copy of your high school transcript or official copy of your GED will be needed prior to your meeting with the Program Coordinator. Official copies of your High School transcript should be mailed directly to LPN Program at 104 Armstrong Street, Suite B, Ford City, PA 16226.  Typically, Official GED documentation should be emailed to us from (be sure to get both your High School Equivalency Transcript and Commonwealth Secondary School Diploma sent directly to us at 

Potential students are required to complete their current FBI Federal Criminal History Record (Fingerprint Clearance) during the application process and submit it prior to meeting with the Program Coordinator.  To register, go to  Enter service coded, 1KG6NX, to get started.  Click “Schedule or Manage Appointment”.  Enter requested information and schedule an appointment.  (You may schedule your fingerprinting to be completed at a site convenient for you.)  For additional help, call 855-845-7434.  You will need to provide our office with the receipt and/or email from Identigo.  Note: You will not get an official copy of your FBI Federal Criminal History Record; you will only receive a one-time open unofficial copy through email.  If the website requests a purpose for your clearance, choose employment, student, or the most appropriate selection from the list.  This clearance is not for volunteering. 


* Official copies of High School transcripts and College transcripts are usually sent directly to our school in a sealed envelope.  Some colleges are offering to directly email official transcripts, if they offer this, please have them sent directly to us as

Entrance Exam or How to Exempt Out

The ATI TEAS exam is taken before entering into the Lenape Technical School Practical Nursing Program.  This exam has a total of 170 questions allowing 209 minutes to take the whole exam.  Questions consist of multiple choice, multiple select (select all that apply), fill in the blank, ordered response and hot spots.  Subjects included in the exam are Reading (45 questions with a 55-minute time limit), Mathematics (38 questions with a 57-minute time limit), Science (50 questions with a 60-minute time limit), & English and Language Usage (37-questions with a 37 minute time limit).

Potential students must obtain a total score of 50 or a minimum score of 45 accompanied by a reading score of 60 or higher.  To register for the ATI TEAS exam, visit  * Previous ATI TEAS exam scores can be accepted if they were taken within the past two years.  You must request through ATI that your scores be sent to our school.

There are three ways to exempt out of the entrance exam (ATI TEAS Exam):

1.     Submit official college transcripts of 30 completed credits with a GPA of 2.2 or higher prior to your meeting with the Program Coordinator (official copies can be mailed directly to LPN Program at 104 Armstrong Street, Suite B, Ford City, PA 16226).  

2.     Submit SAT Exam scores, that were taken within 2 years of 480 or higher in Math and 480 or higher in Reading prior to your meeting with the Program Coordinator.

3.     Submit ACT Exam scores, that were taken within 2 years of 18 or higher in English, 21 or higher in Reading and 24 or higher in Natural Science prior to your meeting with the Program Coordinator

Financial Aid

Lenape Technical School Practical Nursing Program participates in various financial programs to provide assistance to students who are in financial need.  Every student must create a login at and apply for the current year FAFSA.  Potential students will receive detailed instructions at their first meeting with our Financial Aid Officer.  We ask that you wait to receive these instructions before completing your FAFSA.  During your meeting with the Financial Aid Officer, it will also be determined whether you should pursue any state funded programs or apply for any loans at that time.

What to Expect After Submitting an Application & the Necessary Documents

Once all above the necessary documents are submitted to the office, and we have received your official FBI Clearance results, you will be called in for a meeting with the Program Coordinator.  At your meeting you can expect to discuss the LPN Program more in depth as well as discuss other paperwork that is needed prior to the start of class (medical testing, clearances, drug screen, etc.).  You will be given a certain amount of time to complete the medical testing, clearances, etc. to the start of class, as well as completing your drug screen at a designated time that will be provided to you.  At the meeting, you will be required to pay a $250 registration fee (payments can be made by check or money order). 

If you require any special accommodation, we ask that you bring any paperwork regarding these accommodations to your meeting. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Program Secretary if you have any further questions.